The wedding is in the details

This is one of the most important days of your life and you have to make sure everything looks perfect. If you haven’t been involved in wedding planning before you will be shocked to find out how many different aspects there are to planning a wedding. You might feel overwhelmed with the abundance of choices you’ll have to make and how much time and energy you’ll have to spend.

Magical wedding

Magical wedding


The Hen

Never say never to a hen party because this is a rite of passage for any bride-to-be. You probably won’t have much say in the party as your maid of honour will be planning it, but you could offer helpful suggestions for your hens night to help her out. Ask her not to set a date close to the wedding, you will have more responsibilities as the day approaches and you want to be well rested, as well. Also, help her out by giving her a guest list, then suggestions on what you would like to do and what you definitely wouldn’t like. Don’t try to control everything because it will seem as if you don’t trust her so just sit back and enjoy the ride.


The Dress

Your wedding outfit is one of the (if not the) most important guest stars of your day and you must choose carefully. The first thing you’ll need to figure out is the budget for the entire outfit, accessories included. Figure out what kind of cut will work for your body type and if your wedding has a theme, look for dresses that will complement the overall plan. Do your research on different styles by going online and looking through magazines. You should start looking for a dress 9 months before your wedding and hopefully choose one 8 months before the date. It may sound way too early but you need to be prepared if you simply cannot find ‘the one’ and if it has to be ordered and tailored. Your first fitting should be three months before the wedding leaving you enough time to change something.


When you’re shopping talk to the consultants about your fashion sense, expectations and give them details about your wedding. This will give them a general idea of what you’re looking for and since they are professionals don’t be afraid to try on dresses you never considered. Always tell them your budget since you could fall in love with a dress that you can’t afford.


Make sure your undergarments work with the dress to avoid wardrobe malfunctions like your basier being seen in photos. It is advised to pick your veil when you’re dress shopping, many brides cannot picture themselves getting married in the dress until they see the complete look. Practice walking in your shoes and it’s a smart idea to have comfortable shoes for the reception.



You venue will allow you to decorate any way you want so pick a theme, a colour scheme and stick to it. The details in the decor will make your wedding special so choose carefully and don’t overdo it. Have wedding chair covers, table covers and centrepieces match so the venue doesn’t look too busy. Don’t go too big with your centrepieces because the guest won’t be able to mingle very well and choose the wedding table arrangements yourself.



Any respectable caterer will give you a demonstration of their services so make sure you taste everything before making your final decision. Have them give you their options and choose the one to that best suits your tastes. If you’re having a sit down dinner give the guests two choices in  appetizers, main courses and desserts. Since the guest will tell you their decisions before the wedding have the waiters know exactly who ordered which course. You could go for a buffet, this is much easier to pull off and you’ll save money as well.



Before you do anything pick flavours, any backer will over you to taste their options before you decide and have tiers with different tastes. Talk with the backers about the design and again make sure the cake matches your theme. They can draw a design for you and you can choose the shape and style of decor. The wedding cake is supposed to embody the couple so have your future husband give his opinion, as well. Make sure your figurines look like you and your fiancée and that they match the cake too.



Many couples are doing an adorable routine for their first dance where they start with a slow dance and then surprise the guest by doing choreography with dance music. Whatever you choose definitely take dance lessons.


Choose the music carefully, if you decide for a band, have a test run and prepare a list of songs for them. And if you want a DJ it’s best to ask for recommendations since everybody thinks they can pull it off.


Think about preparing games for your guests like a puzzle menu and even a magician for the kids is a nice touch. A DIY bar where guest could make their own snacks and desserts is a fun option. Some couples even have a cotton candy and a popcorn machine at their reception. Your choices are only limited by your imagination so start thinking about this well in advance.


Planning a perfect wedding may seem impossible at first but if you start on time and calmly make your decisions with help from others, you will definitely have your fairytale wedding. Also, be prepared for things to go awry on your day, nothing always goes exactly as planned but don’t let that bother you. You are getting married to the love of your life and compared to that everything seems small and insignificant.


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