Maternity Fashion

maternity fashion

It hasn’t always been the case that maternity clothes were high-fashion. But about the time that Gwyneth Paltrow proudly displayed her gorgeous pregnancy with baby Apple (not to mention helped spearhead the “who’d have thunk it?” baby-name trend), fashion companies sat up and took notice.


Thankfully, pregnant moms today can find a treasure trove of pretty, fashion-forward pieces to make their pregnancies shine.

Long and Lovely

One of the easiest and most fashionable maternity-wear trends is the maxi sundress. Available at almost any store that sells maternity wear, these dresses come in soft stretchable jersey, light-as-air chiffon, and more. Either one can be layered over long-sleeved tees and leggings or paired with cardigans for cooler weather, and their graceful cascade over the “bump” and to the ankles is extremely forgiving and pleasant to wear.

Lifesaving Leggings

Speaking of leggings, that’s another trend that makes maternity easier. Smooth, comfy maternity leggings, like those from Preggers, hug the hips and gently follow the curve of the belly, and come in a variety of colors to go with any outfit. Loose mid-thigh shirts, maternity or not, look lovely with the right pair of leggings and pretty flats or boots. Leggings can also add an easy layer of warmth to any outfit or dress, and tucked into boots, work well in place of tights, which often become irritating after lengthy wear. And a good pair of denim-look leggings or “jeggings” with a long top can be a lifesaver, offering the casual “goes with everything” convenience of jeans without the discomfort.

Did You Say “Belt?”

Although it might seem counterintuitive, belts are actually perfect accessories for pregnant moms. Depending on what’s comfortable for you, a wide, stretchy belt or plain “skinny” belt worn just above the belly can really dress up a maternity outfit. Belts look especially pretty with oxford-style maternity tops and jeans, leggings or skirts; used to hold an unbuttoned cardigan in place; or cinching in the empire waist of a dress. Belts that pick up on the details of shoes and purses add elegance and sophistication, while brightly colored belts in complementary colors bring a note of fun and excitement. Belts worn high up are also extremely flattering to the figure, drawing attention to the slimness of the empire-waist.

Purses, Purses, Purses

While not exactly a maternity-wear item, moms-to-be can add instant gratification to any outfit in the shape of a pretty bag. All moms have days where they just don’t like the way they look; that’s part of pregnancy. But even on days when the outfit just isn’t coming together, and the shoes pinch, and the makeup seems askew, a purse always fits. Have fun with pretty purses worn attractively on the shoulder and drawing the eye to that gorgeous baby bump! It won’t be long before those purses get traded in for a wallet and diaper bag, anyway, so enjoy!

Glowing Neutrals

One thing many expectant moms don’t consider changing is their makeup routine. But during pregnancy, certain makeup styles such as bright, bold lips or dark, smokey eyes can begin to have a different overall effect on the look than they normally would. With the emergence of a new figure, dramatic makeup can begin to look too dramatic, creating an overdone look. New moms can still get away with bold lips and eyes, or luxurious amounts of bronzer, but should consider trading in one or more of those items for a subtle neutral look as well. Glowing neutrals allow the radiance of pregnancy (it’s not an old wives’ tale!) to shine through without competing with intensely-colored makeup.

So new moms, rejoice! Pregnancy has always been pretty, and always will be. But thankfully, pregnancy clothing can now be pretty as well– not to mention stylish, trendy, and even exciting.

Monica Hodges is a mom blogger who loves sharing her knowledge with others. She recommends finding more articles and tips on pregnancy here.

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