Kayu Aga House in Bali, Indonesia by Yoka Sara International

Indonesian architect Yoka Sara designed the Kayu Aga house in Canggu, Bali. Kayu Aga House has an indoor-outdoor layout and an interesting structure. Residing in the beautiful coastal village of Bali, Indonesia, the Kayu Aga House is an architectural master piece. The house features a rounded terrace and a pond. Kayu Aga house structure features three sleeping areas with private gardens and bathrooms located outdoors. The living and dining areas are located in the center with a studio at the second story.

The central pavilion has a delightful oval staircase with bamboo balustrade rising from an elliptical pond. Each of the sleeping pavilions has a private garden court with a terrace and an outdoor bathroom, and the routes to the center are differently choreographed. The whole structure features the columns that support the roof and terrace. The walls are decorated with the wooden logs that give the transparent rooms a little privacy. A staircase leads to the terrace is mounted over the pond connecting the outdoors with the indoors. The house also has a carport and a swimming pool with a lounging area. The architectural language is totally modern and the design process is explained in terms of rational responses to site and climate, but ultimately the house is a visually delightful place with a myriad different moods and emotions. What more might one require of a home?


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