How Important is Your Handbag Choice? [infographics]

Women make fashion statements every day with their choice of clothing, footwear and accessories. The handbag is a particularly important choice as it is both useful, and can complete and complement an outfit perfectly. Many celebrities can be seen with their statement handbags, and we can be eager to rush out and copy their style, but did you know your handbag can say quite a lot about your personality?

If you are a tote woman, for example, you are practical and like to be prepared for anything that might be thrown your way. If you prefer the small clutch, however, you are confident that you will handle said thrown thing without any help. If you like going around with a backpack you are outgoing and adventurous, whilst a preference for satchels signifies an ambitious and career-oriented personality.

These and other handbag types, and their significance in revealing your personality, are shown in this infographic.

How Important is Your Handbag Choice?

This infographic is designed by and created from research they have conducted into handbag types and how they fit in with personality types.

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