How to Look Great in Neutrals and Dress Effortlessly Chic

Each year, another pattern or a set of colors is trendy and some of the color combinations are in style. All the ladies try to find things in those colors and sooner or later, they all seem alike in their wardrobes. However, when it comes to neutrals, it seems like they are always forgotten and if you come to think about it, these colors are underestimated. Neutrals can have you looking elegant and stylish if you use them properly as these colors are really wonderful. Here are the reasons to choose neutrals and how to look stunning in them. Some of these basic neutrals are white, black, gray, navy, beige and all sorts of camel, sand and similar colors. Also, these include all those colors that go from olive to gray. As these may seem dull, wait until you realize what amazing accessorizing they can involve.

Casual Look

Somehow, when you think about casual look, it seems like some perfectly tailored jeans are due. Now, imagine those jeans with a nice white shirt that is tucked in your jeans, leather, camel colored belt and the tote and the sandals in the same color. Black leather goes perfectly with it as well. With the right choice of the bag and shoes, not to mention accessories, this simple combination can turn into a formal attire or business wardrobe in a minute. It is simple and effective.


Formal Attire

Nothing beats gray when it comes to your business look and the way you should wear your outfits at work. Just remember that tight, gray, knee long skirt and all those amazing and wonderful shirts and blouses that it makes look like wonderful business outfits. Every shirt or blouse will stand out when you are wearing the gray skirt. However, even the neutral colors may look completely different. For example, a black shirt on it, with matte nylons and black shoes will add a bit of flavor of elegance to your attire, while a while shirt with it will make it a bit stern and totally professional.






Elegant Evening Look

Only three words are needed to explain how perfectly amazing you can look wearing only neutrals: little black dress. This classic will never go out of the style and you can always look just wonderful wearing it. However, for those summer nights, when you are all tanned and lovely, a white dress or a white suit can look just as wonderful and chic on you. They both work and they are both very effective.



Beach and Summer

White pants, beige pants, sand pants and shirts and blouses with the loose cut that can work both with shorts and skirts are just amazing. Navy works like a charm when summer is in town. And let’s not forget about those bikinis. While you can look just fabulous wearing an olive colored bikini, going out in a white one piece suit is really making a statement. Neutrals are just the perfect choice for the summer time as they don’t overburden your entire look with unnecessary colors. You are spending most of your time outside and on the beach. Neutrals are closer to the natural colors and that is why they work so well.



The best thing about those neutral attires is that they allow you to combine them with the craziest possible shoes and bags. Wearing a black dress, you can absolutely pull off even golden shoes. Not to mention all that amazing, colorful and heavy jewelry. Therefore, don’t worry if your closed is filled with neutrals. They are just perfect.


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