Hand picked by Oliver Bonas

Some hand picked best sellers from Oliver Bonas:       Little bit about Oliver Bonas Oliver Bonas (OB) started as Olly bringing back gifts for friends from his travels abroad: interesting things from interesting places. Then came the first shop, opened in Fulham in 1993. Now there are 35 Oliver Bonas shops in London, […]

The booming lingerie market

As Marks & Spencer’s lingerie director, Janie Schaffer, made her shock exit from Britain’s most renowned undies retailer last week, the underwear industry was thrust into the spotlight. Having seen consecutive annual yearly growth since 2008, the industry is a seemingly recession-proof segment. How is that possible? We investigate the latest data. Increased consumer interest […]

Jack and the Beanstalk by Time4sleep

We know this news is not new but we think you’ll still enjoy it especially if you haven’t came across with it yet. Online bed retailer Time4sleep has unveiled a modernised and animated version of Jack and the Beanstalk with Epiphany. Created to promote National Storytelling Week, the story looks to tell Jack’s magical journey […]

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