Paris Fashion Week 2014

He turned the runway into a supermarket! Karl Lagerfeld’s theatrical staging will leave a lasting impression with the show’s attendees and online voyeurs alike, but despite its column-inch clout, it wasn’t the only thing worthy of stirring the industry at Paris Fashion Week. A month into the shows, and Paris really has to pack the […]

Jane Austen’s England: a traveller’s guide to finding Mr Darcy

Two hundred years after the publication of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s most famous (and arguably her best) novel is as popular as ever. The descriptions of England in Pride and Prejudice and her other novels continue to provide a quintessential image of the country for locals and visitors alike. To celebrate this special anniversary […]

Setting a Gala-Worthy Table

Spring in New York not only means warmer days, it’s also gala benefit season. This year, Thomas Burak and I had the pleasure to be chosen as one of 14 of New York’s top design talents to create a knockout table for the gala fundraiser for the wonderful charity Partnership with Children. The 104-year-old organization […]

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