Cara Delevingne wows in punk couture but Madonna goes for granny punk

If there was ever a time to let the next generation steal the show, it’s now! And, yes, Madonna we’re talking to you…


Anarchy ruled on the red carpet at this year’s Met Ball in New York with the stars all interpreting the Punk: Chaos To Couture theme in their own way.

Some, like Cara Delevingne, got the beauty look just right and others – like Madonna – got it very wrong!

Where to start? Firstly, why was Madonna wearing a black bob wig? As far as we can remember, that wasn’t ever a key punk hairstyle.

Next up, let’s discuss her red lips…

Why oh why pop on a powerful pout with an OTT outfit? It’s the biggest style no-no ever.

We all know the rules, tone down your make-up if you’re going to wear a look-at-me outfit.

Queen Cara on the other hand wowed on the red carpet with just the right mix of punk, glamour and cool with her beauty look.

Smoky eyes – tick. Pale pink lips – tick. A glam punk hairstyle – tick.

The beauty lesson learnt here? Less is more.

Actually, if Madonna had worn Cara’s outfit and copied her hair and make-up, we’d all be saying how good she looked.

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