The wedding is in the details

This is one of the most important days of your life and you have to make sure everything looks perfect. If you haven’t been involved in wedding planning before you will be shocked to find out how many different aspects there are to planning a wedding. You might feel overwhelmed with the abundance of choices you’ll have to make and how much time and energy you’ll have to spend.

Magical wedding

Magical wedding


The Hen

Never say never to a hen party because this is a rite of passage for any bride-to-be. You probably won’t have much say in the party as your maid of honour will be planning it, but you could offer helpful suggestions for your hens night to help her out. Ask her not to set a date close to the wedding, you will have more responsibilities as the day approaches and you want to be well rested, as well. Also, help her out by giving her a guest list, then suggestions on what you would like to do and what you definitely wouldn’t like. Don’t try to control everything because it will seem as if you don’t trust her so just sit back and enjoy the ride.


The Dress

Your wedding outfit is one of the (if not the) most important guest stars of your day and you must choose carefully. The first thing you’ll need to figure out is the budget for the entire outfit, accessories included. Figure out what kind of cut will work for your body type and if your wedding has a theme, look for dresses that will complement the overall plan. Do your research on different styles by going online and looking through magazines. You should start looking for a dress 9 months before your wedding and hopefully choose one 8 months before the date. It may sound way too early but you need to be prepared if you simply cannot find ‘the one’ and if it has to be ordered and tailored. Your first fitting should be three months before the wedding leaving you enough time to change something.


When you’re shopping talk to the consultants about your fashion sense, expectations and give them details about your wedding. This will give them a general idea of what you’re looking for and since they are professionals don’t be afraid to try on dresses you never considered. Always tell them your budget since you could fall in love with a dress that you can’t afford.


Make sure your undergarments work with the dress to avoid wardrobe malfunctions like your basier being seen in photos. It is advised to pick your veil when you’re dress shopping, many brides cannot picture themselves getting married in the dress until they see the complete look. Practice walking in your shoes and it’s a smart idea to have comfortable shoes for the reception.



You venue will allow you to decorate any way you want so pick a theme, a colour scheme and stick to it. The details in the decor will make your wedding special so choose carefully and don’t overdo it. Have wedding chair covers, table covers and centrepieces match so the venue doesn’t look too busy. Don’t go too big with your centrepieces because the guest won’t be able to mingle very well and choose the wedding table arrangements yourself.



Any respectable caterer will give you a demonstration of their services so make sure you taste everything before making your final decision. Have them give you their options and choose the one to that best suits your tastes. If you’re having a sit down dinner give the guests two choices in  appetizers, main courses and desserts. Since the guest will tell you their decisions before the wedding have the waiters know exactly who ordered which course. You could go for a buffet, this is much easier to pull off and you’ll save money as well.



Before you do anything pick flavours, any backer will over you to taste their options before you decide and have tiers with different tastes. Talk with the backers about the design and again make sure the cake matches your theme. They can draw a design for you and you can choose the shape and style of decor. The wedding cake is supposed to embody the couple so have your future husband give his opinion, as well. Make sure your figurines look like you and your fiancée and that they match the cake too.



Many couples are doing an adorable routine for their first dance where they start with a slow dance and then surprise the guest by doing choreography with dance music. Whatever you choose definitely take dance lessons.


Choose the music carefully, if you decide for a band, have a test run and prepare a list of songs for them. And if you want a DJ it’s best to ask for recommendations since everybody thinks they can pull it off.


Think about preparing games for your guests like a puzzle menu and even a magician for the kids is a nice touch. A DIY bar where guest could make their own snacks and desserts is a fun option. Some couples even have a cotton candy and a popcorn machine at their reception. Your choices are only limited by your imagination so start thinking about this well in advance.


Planning a perfect wedding may seem impossible at first but if you start on time and calmly make your decisions with help from others, you will definitely have your fairytale wedding. Also, be prepared for things to go awry on your day, nothing always goes exactly as planned but don’t let that bother you. You are getting married to the love of your life and compared to that everything seems small and insignificant.


How to Look Great in Neutrals and Dress Effortlessly Chic

Each year, another pattern or a set of colors is trendy and some of the color combinations are in style. All the ladies try to find things in those colors and sooner or later, they all seem alike in their wardrobes. However, when it comes to neutrals, it seems like they are always forgotten and if you come to think about it, these colors are underestimated. Neutrals can have you looking elegant and stylish if you use them properly as these colors are really wonderful. Here are the reasons to choose neutrals and how to look stunning in them. Some of these basic neutrals are white, black, gray, navy, beige and all sorts of camel, sand and similar colors. Also, these include all those colors that go from olive to gray. As these may seem dull, wait until you realize what amazing accessorizing they can involve.

Casual Look

Somehow, when you think about casual look, it seems like some perfectly tailored jeans are due. Now, imagine those jeans with a nice white shirt that is tucked in your jeans, leather, camel colored belt and the tote and the sandals in the same color. Black leather goes perfectly with it as well. With the right choice of the bag and shoes, not to mention accessories, this simple combination can turn into a formal attire or business wardrobe in a minute. It is simple and effective.


Formal Attire

Nothing beats gray when it comes to your business look and the way you should wear your outfits at work. Just remember that tight, gray, knee long skirt and all those amazing and wonderful shirts and blouses that it makes look like wonderful business outfits. Every shirt or blouse will stand out when you are wearing the gray skirt. However, even the neutral colors may look completely different. For example, a black shirt on it, with matte nylons and black shoes will add a bit of flavor of elegance to your attire, while a while shirt with it will make it a bit stern and totally professional.






Elegant Evening Look

Only three words are needed to explain how perfectly amazing you can look wearing only neutrals: little black dress. This classic will never go out of the style and you can always look just wonderful wearing it. However, for those summer nights, when you are all tanned and lovely, a white dress or a white suit can look just as wonderful and chic on you. They both work and they are both very effective.



Beach and Summer

White pants, beige pants, sand pants and shirts and blouses with the loose cut that can work both with shorts and skirts are just amazing. Navy works like a charm when summer is in town. And let’s not forget about those bikinis. While you can look just fabulous wearing an olive colored bikini, going out in a white one piece suit is really making a statement. Neutrals are just the perfect choice for the summer time as they don’t overburden your entire look with unnecessary colors. You are spending most of your time outside and on the beach. Neutrals are closer to the natural colors and that is why they work so well.



The best thing about those neutral attires is that they allow you to combine them with the craziest possible shoes and bags. Wearing a black dress, you can absolutely pull off even golden shoes. Not to mention all that amazing, colorful and heavy jewelry. Therefore, don’t worry if your closed is filled with neutrals. They are just perfect.


Gossard Lingerie [Review]

GL_COR_SHEER_TH-mf_350_350I have always been a huge fan of Gossard lingerie; it is often my payday treat to myself! I usually buy the satin patterned designs so I was excited to try the Glossies and Luxury Lace range.

Let’s start with the Glossies. Before I even tried it on, I loved the design, especially the colour of the set. The shade of Coral is a perfect pop of brightness and the sheerness adds a touch of luxury, creating a slight shimmer.
The design is very simple with no padding and a simple underwire design, however the detail such as lace on the back fastening, edging on the straps and the signature Gossard gold plate stop it feeling like an ordinary, everyday basic bra.

This is the unique kind of underwear that delivers on the comfort front, but still makes you feel sexy. For me this was perfect weekend underwear for a chilled day out when you want to look good but feel relaxed. I usually always wear a padded bra, but really liked the natural feel this bra gave you. In the words of Gossard it is ‘more about you, less about the bra’ and I absolutely agree with this.
This lingerie set wouldn’t be suitable for everyone or all occasions. Ladies with a bigger bust might feel the level of support isn’t adequate for them. With the bra being so sheer there is also no protection from the elements – if you are cold everyone will know about it, so it’s perhaps not a ‘work’ bra.

I went for a 34C and a small thong. I’m often in between sizes with Gossard bras, and have found before that the 32 measurement comes up smaller on some styles than others, so I opted for the bigger back size. As with any bra it is if course important to buy your correct size, with this bra particularly if it was too big the cup material would wrinkle, you do need to be able to completely fill the cup. I find the thongs to be generously sized, and the small fitted me well. I wear a 8-10 but the small would still fit a standard size 10.
This lingerie set has quickly become a firm favourite for my weekends and I’m definitely considering the aqua shade!

LL_PL_TH-MF_350_350In comparison to the fun, laidback style of the Glossies set, the Luxury Lace lingerie is seductive, glamourous and sophisticated. The black lace over a champagne base is timeless, think classic sexiness rather than anything too explicit. This is a beautiful underwear set, the lace overlay looks expensive and the bow on both the bra and brief shorts is a lovely finishing touch.

I was very impressed by the cleavage the bra gave me, the padding certainly gave me a boost! I did find this bra came up quite big, so again be conservative with your sizing. I chose the shorts though there is also a Brazilian style. As with the bra the shorts do seem quite big, but are a good fit when on, a small would fit a size 10 or under easily. This range also comes in aqua, and though it is the same style, the colour changes the dynamic entirely. Think black for sensual nights and aqua for flirty days!

This is special occasion lingerie for me, the kind I would wear for myself when I wanted to feel stylishly sexy and glamourous. It is a confidence (and cleavage!) boost in the guise of lingerie!


Paris Fashion Week 2014

He turned the runway into a supermarket! Karl Lagerfeld’s theatrical staging will leave a lasting impression with the show’s attendees and online voyeurs alike, but despite its column-inch clout, it wasn’t the only thing worthy of stirring the industry at Paris Fashion Week. A month into the shows, and Paris really has to pack the punches to wake up the travel weary show goers. And it did just that, presenting us with exciting new direction and a tight set of trends bound for commercial success.

Here, we’ve analyzed the online data that the week’s events creates, to bring you Paris’s 10 biggest trends for Fall 2014.


paris hashion week 2014


1. The Paris Palette

Paris showed strong support of the pastel palette that retailers are currently embracing for SS14, with Rochas, Chloé, Givenchy, Giambattista Valli and Chanel showing creamy shades of pink, blush, lavender and blue. Stronger tones were sought out in the reds, maroons and oranges that we’ve seen backed by designers at New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, and designers in Paris weren’t afraid to use these palettes in head to toe looks. Forest greens and khakis were also big news, shown by Stella McCartney, Guy Laroche, Balmain, Acne and Céline.

2. Karl’s Kingdom

Karl Lagerfeld’s ability to tap into the hype machine belies his eighty years. Chanel’s supermarché was stocked with branded goods, the models were rehearsed in loading up their carts and the front row were desperate to get on Instagram. The clothes matched with the boldness of the statement: more art-inspired prints in a bright palette and overblown proportions. Pastels, metallics, turtle necks, quilting and appliqué were all there, yes it was crazy, but the online world lapped it up, earning Chanel the title as PFW’s most talked-about brand.

3. Theme: 70s

In the pussy-bow-necked disco dresses at Saint Laurent, the zippered shifts at Carven, in psychedelic swirling prints at Acne and the gently flared pants worn with matching capes at Emmanuel Ungaro, the 1970s were woven through this season both with subtlety and purpose. The best were perhaps from Chloé, whose louche, contrast-buttoned camel shirt, worn with cuffed shorts and over-knee boots floated the theme home without a hint of drag.

4. Theme: Layered Texture

It’s been the most visible and exciting theme across each of the four fashion capitals, and Paris’s offering stood up to it’s competition. Sacai gave an absolute masterclass in the execution of the textured trend, showing depth, layering and concoctions of surfaces that begged to be touched. Puffer, shearling, knit, silk, patent leather, wools, fringing and acres and acres of fur in every color under the sun: mark our words, this trend will define the high street come winter.

5. Detailing: Embellishment

Paris’s got kitsch with the embellishment, loading up outerwear, dresses, knit and sweaters with oversized treasures. There were diamanté arrows at Carven, oversized sequins on dresses at Saint Laurent, tassels at Stella McCartney and appliqué flowers adorned with jewels at Emmanuel Ungaro. The effect is lighthearted and conversational rather than staid and ornate – have fun with this one!

6. Metallica

As Rihanna puts it so well, PFW suggests for Fall we should all ‘shine bright like a diamond’. Happily, that’s as far as the popstrel’s influence on this trend went, and the metallics designers used were played out on very covetable and very wearable garments. Dries Van Noten’s holographic maxi skirts were paired with ovoid tops, Paco Rabanne trimmed the lapels of an earthy wool jacket in silver and Isabel Marant reworked those scrunchy minidresses in a shimmering golden snake print – saved from gaudiness thanks to clever drape and casual jersey underdress. That will certainly sell.

7. Statement Piece: Oversized Outerwear

Big coats will bring even bigger commercial success for winter 2014, having now been a hit trend in each of the four cities. There is so much to work with here, so tie it carefully to customer, whether you choose to follow Paule Ka’s lead with giant capes, the soft pillows of Chloé’s puffer coats, the ballooned parkas at Stella McCartney or the multi-colored furs at Lanvin. This trend is about making a statement, so don’t shy from print, color or texture.

8. Leopard Print

Leopard print is always lurking somewhere during fashion month, but Paris brought it out into the limelight, purring throatily at centre stage. Designers used the print in their hordes, it was seen on a peacoat, pencil skirt and matching heel at Carven, in the paneled corsets and peplum skirts at Balmain, on asymmetric wool skirts at Acne and double-faced coats at Céline. Palettes stuck to traditional rendering, or grey-scale.

9. Detailing: Feature Zips

A trend unique to Paris was the use of chunky zippers as detailing: both structural and focal or purely decorative. Seen at Givenchy, Chloé, John Galliano, Stella McCartney and Roland Mouret, the metal work hints at hardware without taking its garment outside of the apparel world or too far away from femininity.

10. Statement Piece: The Sweater

The sweater has been inundated with invites into the new season, and it has whole-heartedly accepted, refusing to budge from its glowing spot on fashion’s radar. There were sweater dresses at Acne, Céline and Stella McCartney, velvet and mohair paneled at Rochas, and fabricated from mesh at Balenciaga. Kenzo surprised with an embellished knit that at first look was a sweater, but on closer inspection was in fact a concealed-fastening cardigan. Have they seen the future perhaps?

Glam Up For A Party In Ten Easy Steps

Whether you want to impress a date or make your partner proud…it just takes ten easy steps to be a head turner for a party. The good news is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to look fabulous as there are plenty of low cost ways to get the A-lister look. All it takes is a bit of pampering time and you’ll be the brightest star at any function.

Whether you are going to an office event, an upmarket ball or a friend’s get-together, here’s how you can spruce yourself to perfection from top to toe.

Choosing the Ideal Fit – If you are looking for a stunning party dress, the good news is that there are outfits to flatter all shapes and sizes.

If you are apple shaped, a belted dress will flatter your body, and if you are pear-shaped, try to opt for an outfit that accentuates your top half, with pattern prints or ruffles. Or, choose a dress that shows off your toned arms or shoulders. Always opt for an outfit that skims your figure perfectly, even if it means going for a dress the next size up.

How to Budget – While a personal stylist may be out of your price range, some department stores have personal shoppers that will help steer you in the right direction. Or, you can ask a friendly shop assistant for their advice.

Going for Colour – While the little black dress is a party favourite, colour can help you stand out from the crowd. To find a dress that matches your skin tone, a top tip is to hold different fabrics close to your face and the colours that make your eyes sparkle and skin glow will be the right match for you.

How to Budget – Heading to an expensive boutique to get the latest designer outfit is a dream come true, but you may find a similar, cheaper version online. If you are cash-strapped and creative why not take a look through your wardrobe and update a tired outfit? Or, you can find some great buys in charity stores, especially if you like a vintage or retro look.

Styling Your Hair – Once you’ve found the right dress, try it on at home and experiment with different looks for your hair. Even if you have short hair, you can still find different ways of styling it, whether it is curling it, styling it inwards or flicking it outwards, brushing a fringe forward or back, or adding clips to bring sparkle.

Dresses that have prints and embellishments can be topped off with just a simple, natural style, such as leaving your hair down, or styling it with straighteners. With a plain dress you can go for a more elaborate up do, with detailing such as braid at the back of hair that is weaved into an elegant bun.

If you are experiencing female hair loss, otherwise known as alopecia, there are various ways to disguise this, such as hairpieces, diamante grips and scarves. Experiment with different looks in advance to choose one that works for you.

How to Budget – While some of you will hotfoot it to the nearest salon to put your tresses in the hands of the experts, you may want to save your cash and style it yourself, or ask a willing friend to get creative and work their magic.

Getting Perfect Skin – A regular skin care regime works wonders and creates the perfect base on which to apply your make up. So, try to get into a routine in advance of your party and steer clear of any new creams a few days before.

How to Budget – If expensive brands are not your style, local supermarkets do low cost moisturisers, or you can make your own face mask out of things you have in the kitchen such as avocado, honey, or yoghurt.

Buffing Your Body – On the day of the party, take time to shave and exfoliate, so your legs and underarms are smooth and your body glows.

How to Budget – Swap the salon wax for shaving and, instead of exfoliation creams, use a combination of sugar and olive oil to make a paste and add a touch of glitter. Just massage it into your skin for a wonderful youthful feel. Don’t forget to exfoliate your feet too; this part of your body is often neglected but a regular exfoliation will help reduce dryness and transform chapped heels.

Making Your Nails Glow – Getting the A-lister look is all in the details and having beautifully painted hands and toenails will make you stand out from the crowd.

How to Budget – If you don’t want to splash out on the professional look and have a steady hand you can either paint your own nails, or if not, draft in a willing friend to help. One way to add extra sparkle is to paint a layer of glitter varnish on top.

Creating an A-Lister Look with Make-up – The right make up techniques can take years off your true age and make you sparkle at any event.

How to Budget – While most of us can’t count a make-up artist as part of our entourage, there is a cheaper way to get a similar look. Head to a department store and book an appointment for your make-up. In most cases the price will be offset against a product purchase.

Getting it Right with Jewellery – Jewellery can make or break an outfit and the trick is to keep the look simple and balanced. A plain silver and pearl necklace will look stunning worn with a black dress with a plunging neckline.

How to Budget – If real gems are out of your price range, you can buy imitations that look just like the real thing – only you will know the difference.

Smelling Sweet with Scent – A fabulous smelling scent will create just the finishing touch that will make heads turn – but do remember less is more, and far more intriguing!

How to Budget – Department stores often give away free samples of perfumes that are great to keep in your bag for parties or weekends away. Just sampling a good quality perfume in store will often be enough for the evening ahead.

Lighting up a Room – Once you have scrubbed, buffed and preened your way to perfection there is only one thing left to do – smile. A smile works wonders and makes you look and feel confident, and the good thing is, it doesn’t cost a penny.

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Terry O’Brien is a leading trichologist at The London Centre of Trichology, which provides diagnosis and treatment of male and female hair loss.

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